Weekend Reading: The Best Articles I’ve Read This Week

weekend readingThere’s so much good money-saving content around the web. But how do you know what’s worth reading? Well here are a few of the articles I’ve found to be really helpful this past week. Enjoy!

Washington Post by Jim Tankersley – It’s Possible America Learned Nothing From the Financial Crisis – I’m a little concerned with how fast home prices have been rising lately. Wages and the unemployment rate have moved incredibly slowly while the housing market has been booming. Could the home market and the debt consumer’s are taking on be moving too fast? Tankersley has some great thoughts.

Len Penzo – How Live on less Than $40,000 Annually – One of the most common excuses for not saving money is that you aren’t making enough to be able to sock some of your income away for the future. Len Penzo has started a series asking his readers that make less than $40k a year to write about how they live. It’s a great idea and the latest story documents a guy living on less than half of that!

Seth Godin – Thinking About Money – Seth lists out 16 thoughts about money. Some good. Some just ok. There are lots of great thoughts to consider though. My favorite? “If you’ve got cable TV and a cell phone, you’re spending $4,000 a year. $6,000 before taxes.” Wow. Another brilliant line is: “If you borrow money to make money, you’ve done something magical.” My buddy J Money wrote some of his thoughts down about Seth’s post here.

Dealnews – Airbnb Discount Lodging Is 46% Cheaper Than a Hotel Stay – Airbnb is one amazing company. I’ve had great experiences every time I’ve booked a place on their site – and saved a lot of money doing it. Dealnews contributor Angela Colley explains just how good of a deal you’re getting by using the innovative travel site.

Forbes – How to Tweet Your Way to a New Job – This is actually a story from 2011 that I stumbled upon as I was doing a bit of reading on Forbes. There’s some great information in it for you. If you are out of a job or just underemployed, being active on social media in the right ways can help you work towards a job that you will love.

I hope you enjoy my weekend reading picks. Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to subscribe via e-mail for more money-saving updates. Just put your e-mail address in the upper right-hand corner for new posts delivered directly to your inbox for free. You can also follow me on twitter – it could help you land a new job!

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