Weekend Reading: Super Interesting Financial Advice + Deal Alert

weekend reading

It’s Friday afternoon so let’s get the weekend started early! Here are a few of my favorite financial reads from around the web this week – PLUS – a couple of deals I just had to mention to you. Enjoy!

7 Ways To Be Frugal Like Warren Buffet – Go Banking Rates – Warren Buffet is a pretty amazing guy. I don’t strive to have as much money as him – but learning from his frugal ways? Certainly!

Football Player Alfred Morris has a 22 Year Old Car – Debt Blag – Cool story about a really great football player. Most of the stories that get published about sports stars these days are negative. Here’s one that inspires a bit of hope. His car is actually older than mine.

Money Does Not Buy Better Habits – The Minimalists – A new blog I’ve stumbled upon. Their writing is succinct and their advice is golden. The takeaway from this article is that money doesn’t but happiness. Seriously, it doesn’t.

6 Daily Habits of the Wealthy – Budgets are Sexy – Similar to the Warren Buffet story but there are some different takeaways. Plus, J Money throws himself into the mix to evaluate how he’s doing. I must say, the early to rise part is the hardest for me too.

Deal Alert! Hulu Plus is now offering you TWO free months of streaming. Their new animated series, the Awesomes, is coming out soon and because of that you can score an extended free trial. That’s way more than their normal offer of 1 week. Here’s the link.

living large for the long haulDeal Alert #2! I’m giving away 4 signed copies of Clark Howard’s new book Living Large for the Long Haul. Three of them will be given to random twitter followers. So make sure to follow me for a chance to win. One more book will be given away to a random e-mail subscriber. So sign up for money-saving advice delivered directly to your inbox in the upper right hand corner of this site. Winners will be announced this coming Friday, August 9th.

Hitting your internet shelves on Monday: An article on your smartphone making you money! Stay tuned for that. That’s why you need to sign up for posts delivered directly to your inbox! Double effect of entering to win a free signed copy of Clark’s new book + killer information.

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