Twitter Tuesday: Eating Out

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Eating out costing you too much? Use sites like and for restaurant deals.

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    May 09, 2013

    A good classic for soliciting an occasional discount can come from giving feedback even for good service. Look online for a contact email, or even snail mail the corporate office about your meal. If you are a regular to a particular place, read the receipt, there may feedback portion, some are completely anonymous now (input receipt #, they give you a coupon code back). I tend to do these after I finish eating on my phone, beware you typically have to come back within a week.

    Full disclosure: I had a lot more luck than usual lately. I recently got to participate in a taste test for a favorite lunch place I visit weekly. Also, that same week another place gave me a few free items for a detailed description of a bug in an app for rewards.


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    May 09, 2013

    Great tips Sara. Unfortunately on my Tuesday posts I limit myself to 140 characters. Hah. You certainly can’t convey a whole lot in that. You rounded things out nicely. Thanks for stopping by.


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