Ways to Save on Clothes

ways to save on clothesChristmas is over and if you have some new found cash to blow on a cutting edge look I have some tips to make it happen frugally.

I’ll admit it. I am a dude who likes fashion. I have a certain style and I’m not really keen on changing it. I just can’t do what my boss Clark does and wear only cheapo store-brand clothes with little to no flare (sorry Clark).

But I have a special ways to save on clothes that I follow every time to pile on the savings like toppings on a fudge sundae. I refuse to pay full price or even just sale price for my clothing. If you follow this three part strategy you’ll start saving more on your threads too.

First, buy a gift card. What!? Doesn’t that go against common sense? It would if you paid full price for it but not if you check out sites like Cardpool and Plasticjungle. These sites can help you save upwards of 20% on your gift card purchase. Find your favorite store and see what sort of discount you can get. Cardpool offers the best discount for my favorite clothing store at 25% off. Right there I’ve knocked my purchase price down by ¼. Woo hoo!

Second, I only purchase sale items. I won’t even browse the new and full priced items section. If you don’t even give those expensive displays a glance you won’t know what you’re missing and in this case ignorance is equivalent to money saving bliss. There is plenty of great looking apparel in the sale department to satisfy your thirst for a new outfit. Just don’t get lured in by the glitzy displays in the front of the store!

The third thing I do to ensure maximum savings is use a coupon code. If I go to the actual store I wait for a sale that stacks on top of items that are already on sale. Right now is the perfect time to find sales that give you extra money off items that are already discounted.

If you follow this advice and only buy clothing when you can hit the entire trifecta in every purchase you will assuredly save money on cool new clothes and you’ll never return to the antiquated money draining way of purchasing those garments ever again.

PS. Thrift stores are fantastic for rounding out your wardrobe at a thrifty rate.

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