Reading Suggestions

Budgets are Sexy – Funny and engaging money advice geared towards a younger generation.

Len Penzo Dot Com – Len has incredibly practical advice presented in a super interesting way.

Mr. Money Mustache – Retired at the age of 30 and dishing out his own brand of money-saving advice to us normal earthlings that still have to work.

Afford Anything – My friend Paula blogs about freedom. That often involves re-thinking the role of money in your life.

Money Talks News – It’s like an online money newspaper. If you’re looking to stay informed and updated when it comes to all things financial this is a great place to turn.

Frugal Rules – My friend John turns out massive amounts of financial advice. That means that there’s a ton of great resources in one spot for you.

Services you should check out

Do My Own Pest Control – I posted about this site as a way to save hundreds every year with DIY pest control. Great customer service and I’m loving the money back in my pocket.

Freedom Pop – the place to go for FREE internet. Who doesn’t want free internet? They have also launched the first free cell phone plan. A seriously cool start-up company to keep your eyes on.

Megabus – because who doesn’t love to travel for $1? Sign me up!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep adding to my list frequently.

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    March 16, 2014

    Hey Joel:

    I want to get Freedom Pop, but can I use it with my Ooma? I don’t watch much t.v. (I have an antenna and Roku), I live alone so I don’t even know how much GBs I would need? Can you help?


    • Avatar
      March 16, 2014

      You certainly can! The question is: How much data does Ooma use. On that I’m not quite sure. I would say it’s definitely worth trying out though!


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