Getting a Deal: 2 Great Limited Time Deals

Getting a DealQuick, there’s no time to waste! Here are a few killer deals that really are limited time only. Jump on them now or lose em’ forever.

Deal #1: Capital One 360 is offering you $100 right now to open an account with them! This is the most time sensitive of the two deals because it expires on July 3rd. Not that long ago I wrote about changing banks because you really need to if your main account is with one of the largest banks in the nation. If you don’t move to a better banking institution it will come back to bite you one day, I promise. I am partial to online banks and there are a lot of them that offer great rates AND customer service at the same time – novel concept. At this point I do most of my banking with Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct). But if for some reason you aren’t interested in them Ally is another good one to check out as well as Gobank – a brand new start-up bank that has ZERO fees. Everything is free! But remember, the deal is $100 for starting a checking account with Capital One 360 by the end of the day on Wednesday. You can also get a free $76 for starting a savings account and $176 for opening a stock trading account called Sharebuilder.

Deal #2: Cheap movies at AMC theatres this summer. $3 flicks via AMC summer nights. I really like to go to the movies. I almost never do though because it’s too dang expensive! For about double the price of a Redbox you can hit up a 10pm movie for $3. And don’t tell me that is too late. You can stay up to save some money. The movies they are showing for the super low price are out on DVD, but if you didn’t get to see them in the theater and prefer the big screen experience, this is your deal.

I hope you dig the deals. $100 with no minimum deposit is pretty solid. Let me know if you are able to take advantage of either. I would love to hear from you!

[photo courtesy of Evan]

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