Weekend Reading: The Best in Financial Advice This Week

Weekend ReadingTired of shopping the Memorial Day sales yet? I thought so. Well kick up your feet and dust off your readers. Here are some of the best personal finance posts from around the web this week. Your weekend reading sirs and madams:

Mr. Money Mustache – Do We Need to Fire the Entire Financial Advice Industry? – If you are offended easily MMM’s blog ain’t for you – but if you treasure brutal honesty you’ll find his advice endearing. In this article Mr. Money Mustache says what we are all thinking. Here is one quote from the article to whet your whistle. “But the assumption by financial advisers these days is that consumption is just a personal choice, all of it is reasonable and none is ridiculous, and more is naturally better if you can afford it.”

Clark Howard – Why I decided to buy a Tesla S – As most of you know, Clark is my  boss. I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. This week Clark finally took delivery of his new Tesla. I got to check it out and it really is an amazing work of art. Yes, art. Really, a car this beautiful should be on display behind glass. Clark writes about why he made such an expensive purchase and I am totally with him on this one.

Budgets are Sexy – 4 Aweseome $1 Entertainment Tips – Once again I’m pulling a sneak attack. This was a guest post I wrote this week for my buddy J Money over at Budgets are Sexy. I had fun writing it and you should definitely check out J’s other posts. He is one funny dude with some major practical financial wisdom.

Just 3 must reads for today (it is a holiday weekend after all, you should be outside). I hope you enjoy and I’ll be back with some more next week.

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