Weekend Reading: The Best in Financial Advice This Week


weekend readingHere are some of the better posts from around the web this week – at least in my opinion.

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Now no more delays, here’s your weekend reading.

Budgets are Sexy – Would You Take A 10% Paycut to Get All Fridays Off? – This article definitely resonated with me. I know lots of people that work 50+ hours a week. That’s for the birds. The whole point of saving more and spending less is to eventually work less – and I’m not talking just about retirement in 20 years. Don’t center your life around work. Disclaimer: I’m not advocating not working hard, just not working so much you forget the important things.

Len Penzo Dot Com – Yet Another Reason Why I Hate Buying Tickets from Ticketmaster. –  Did you miss this gem from my buddy Len? Just when you thought Ticketmaster couldn’t get any worse, they go and do this. I say, do everything you can to avoid giving them business in the future.

Money Talk News – Smartphone in the Pool? Here’s What to do. – Summertime is here and the pool is a popular destination. Try not to take your smartphone in there with you. But if that happens (and I can vouch because I stuck my phone in a glass of water once) these steps will help you bring your water logged electronic device back to life.

Business Insider – 22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other. This ain’t a blog and it actually has nothing to do with saving money but WOW, what a cool study.

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    June 08, 2013

    Glad you enjoyed the article my brotha – I’m a hustler but I love my time off too!


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    June 09, 2013

    Loved the article on the English language dynamics in America. Feel free to share other non-financial articles you might find interesting. Of course, I enjoy the financial ones, too! Thanks for sharing. :)


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      June 09, 2013

      Will do Gina. Glad you found that interesting. I’ll keep posting the non financial articles I find interesting as well!


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