The Easiest Way to Comparison Shop with Invisible Hand

ih200If you are like most of your fellow Americans you are trending more and more towards shopping online versus in the store. In fact, a growing number of consumers last year shopped exclusively online for their Christmas presents (almost twenty percent). As we become accustomed to shopping on our smartphones, tablets, and especially computers there is one service that you really need to start taking advantage of, and it’s free!

The service is called Invisible Hand and it is an add on to your browser that basically runs in the background while you are surfing your favorite e commerce websites. Lets say that you are shopping for the latest movie that you just have to own, or maybe you are wondering if the book is better and you are checking an online retailer for it (although I would prefer you go to your library). Just look it up on your favorite website and wala! your handy dandy Invisible Hand will notify you if you are staring down the best price or if it can be found cheaper on another website. Easy as pie.

Invisible Hand also works well when searching for flights and rental cars. Remember that it doesn’t cover all sites, mostly just the major players. You can see a fairly extensive list of the retailers they cover on their site. Invisible Hand also has an app for your iPhone  Sorry android users! While it might not be the cure to paying too much every time it is certainly a great thing to add to your money saving repertoire, and the best part is that it is totally effortless. Have fun saving money the easy way.

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