My Favorite Website – Dealnews

save-moneyI love finding a deal. I mean, who doesn’t? Therefore, my favorite website helps me do that every day. Most of the great deals that I find come from, drum roll please… dealnews!

There are other great sites that save me money and help my productivity level, which I will share with you at a later date, but dealnews beats everything else out there in my estimation.

I must ascribe a warning to you, however, if you decide to click through and start perusing. This website wields great power. If you are a deal hunting fiend you might find yourself scrolling through multiple times a day. Your insatiable taste for a bargain might cause you to spend more time on the internet than with your family and friends. Be careful not to let this happen.

If you are in the market for anything from a television or computer to a new pair of sneakers or a cruise this is the first site I would check out. The website has an incredibly user friendly interface which makes it quite easy to scroll through quickly as your browse. The folks that find the deals work tirelessly to bring the most up to date information and post any related coupon codes so that you save the most money. Don’t use this as an excuse to go on a buying binge though.

Recently my wife needed a new pair of running shoes. I monitored dealnews for a couple of days in that particular area until the right deal popped up. She loves the shoes and we only spent $30.

I don’t, however, just randomly buy televisions when they are an incredible deal. OK, there was that once.

I hope you enjoy my favorite website, dealnews. Let me know if it is up your alley or not. And if you happen to know of another deal website that rivals this I would love to hear about it.

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    February 28, 2013

    Another great post Joel. I agree, dealnews is, in fact, a great website for finding great deals.

    My favorite deal website, however, is The reason this website is my favorite is because it is a forum-based deal site driven by the Slickdeals community: deal seekers like you and me. Users post deals they find (oftentimes within minutes of them going live on the internet), then other users post additional comments, questions, stackable coupons, or other ways to lower the price even further in real time.

    I find that the collective wisdom from hundreds of thousands of active members helps me find the absolute best deals the fastest possible way. Not to mention, the collective wisdom from the users is also very helpful in getting other people’s opinions and reviews on products.

    Like dealnews, Slickdeals has deal alerts where you set certain keywords as your deal alert. Then, when any deal is posted by anyone across the entire forum, you instantly get an email alerting you to the newly posted deal. As you know, this can be very helpful in getting the best deals as some of them are live for only a short period of time.

    Other areas of the website include places to ask others for help finding a deal on a particular item, free tech support (from some of the very, very brightest in the tech field – for free!), among other topics.

    I have saved, literally, thousands of dollars through the years from all the deals, guidance, and free advice I’ve received from Slickdeals. Not to mention all the products I’ve been turned onto as well as avoided thanks to other posters’ advice. I truly cannot say enough about the usefulness of Slickdeals.


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    February 28, 2013

    Awesome. I haven’t spent enough time on Slickdeals. I will certainly spend some time test driving it this week.


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