Memorial Day Deals – What to Buy Now

Memorial Day Deals

Holiday weekends CAN be a great time to purchase certain things. Memorial Day is actually one of the best holiday bets for garnering deals. Here are a few memorial day deals that you that you should jump on NOW if you are in the market.

1. Appliances – Either make the purchase now or wait until Black Friday. There won’t be any knockdown dragout competition again for your washer and dryer dollars until the end of November. If you are in the market for a new HE washer or even a new fridge, now is the best time to score a deal. I’m in the market for a new more energy and water efficient washer and I think now is the time for me to make my move. I’m looking at this one. There’s more to come on my efforts at cutting water costs in my home next week.

2. Lawn and Garden – Mulch, soil, and gardening tools are all great buys right now. Your neighbor called and told me he would like you to spend some time sprucing up your lawn – just kidding.

3. Grilling Goods – Now might be the perfect time to get that grill you’ve been waiting for. You’ll get a lot of use out of it over the next few summer months, because honestly, what is better than grilled meat in 80 degree weather? Check out my favorite website for all the those up to the minute deals on backyard burger cookers. By the way, if you use charcoal now is the time to stock up.

4. Paint – As I stated recently, paint is one of THE MOST cost effective ways to spruce up your home. I’ll be doing some painting this weekend actually. Check out the deals at the major paint retailers and home improvement stores and consider making a small dollar bigtime change to your home soon – just make sure to buy your liquid coloring matter now.

5. Clothing – Look for great sales this weekend on new threads. There are often coupon codes that will stack with the already marked down price for further savings so don’t be afraid to google “your retailer” + “coupon code.” Want to save even more? Many of your favorite clothing retailers offer gift cards. You can buy them at discounts of up to to 25% right here for even further savings. That is how I save money on clothing. Want specifics? Aeropostale is taking 50% off of everything and Express is taking 40% off!

6. A couple of other things – I’ve seen some great deals on ceiling fans right now too. If you don’t have one in your bedroom you should strongly consider it. They can help you avoid running that costly AC for hours on end. You can feel just as comfortable in your room with the fan on and the thermostat set a few degrees higher as with no fan and the AC on full blast. Plus, ceiling fans cost almost nothing to run (we’re talking fractions of a penny an hour).

PC’s and Laptops are also at fantastic prices right now according to Dealnews.

A couple of food perks as well: 7/11 offers 49 cent slurpees as part of their Slurpee Days promotion all weekend.

I’m not personally partial to hooters but they have a 10 free wings for military members promotion going on Monday only – a drink purchase is required.

By the way, start thinking ahead about father’s day. Memorial Day weekend might be the best time for you to jump on something while the deal getting is good. Maybe a hammock is in his future? I hope it is for me. Fingers crossed.

I also hope that you enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. It really is a great time to remember the sacrifices that have been made to grant us the freedoms we are so fortunate to possess. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day filled with fun, laughter, and remembrance.

P.S. Now might finally be a good time to spray for bugs the cheap way. They are all over the place now!

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