How Can You Save Money? Use Twitter

bluebirdIf you aren’t quite ready to be the guinea pig and test the waters with the new internet technology I’ve written about I have something else for you to try (and by the way, my Freedom Pop follow up is on the way). If you are planning on sticking with your local cable or phone company for your internet service make sure to get the best deal possible. So how can you save money?

Use social media to your advantage. Especially twitter. I’m not quite sure how Twitter became the way to get your customer service woes remedied but it is the first place I would try. Twitter is like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman but on the internet frontier. Don’t act like you didn’t watch that show.

Dr Quinn Medicine Woman

My buddy Matt recently tweeted at one of the giant cable companies and made it know that his internet bill was out of whack. By the end of the day his monthly bill dropped from $72 to $30. Twitter is kind of amazing. It levels the playing field. Oftentimes the best customer service a company offers (especially the normally impenetrable monopoly goons) is through twitter. BTW, you can tweet at me for friendly banter @joellarsgaard.

Call the company’s customer service line and ask for Customer Retention. That is really the only department that can actually do something to help you. Normal earthling customer service associates are often trained to placate you but not actually solve your problem. So ask to be transferred to the customer retention department so that you don’t waste your breath. Tell them about the deals being offered to new subscribers (you know the ones you see in the ads) and that you are willing to stay with them if they will grant you that same deal.

I’ve done it and it works. If they won’t give you a deal, be willing to walk. There are other fish in the sea, albeit not many. So go ahead, save money using twitter!

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    April 02, 2013

    Yea well..didn’t quite work for my FB & Twitter post for Wendy’s when I complained about the stacked up garbage last year in 2012 at the front door of 1 of their stores in Chgoland! They totally ignored my posts! Finally got 1 reply after several FB posts that said they’d look into it and never did!


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    April 03, 2013

    Hey Von, I’m sorry that it didn’t work for you. It certainly doesn’t work every time and in every instance. Some companies are better about social media response than others. In your case I would ask to speak directly to the store manager. I think that would be the most effective way of communicating about the garbage issue.


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    April 06, 2013

    So, I’m a big fan of a fairly new site called It’s kind of like Kayak for discounts. Best when you know what you want but don’t really care where you get it. They’re still in Beta, but I’ve gotten some great deals on baby stuff and other things, like flowers.


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    April 06, 2013

    oh, and I follow them on twitter as well (they don’t tweet too frequently which I think is a good thing). @shopchippmunk


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    April 06, 2013

    Great! Thanks for the tip Mike. I’ll check em out. And I think Twitter is awesome.


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