Holiday Saving Tip

holiday savingI wanted to pass on a quick tidbit of information so that you don’t waste $15 on a calendar for next year. I have 4 options for you to try out for maximum holiday savings.

1. Buy your calendar after January 1st and you’ll hit the 50% off or more calendar clearance sales. Now that is holiday savings. What do you really have going on those first few days of the year anyway that needs notation?

2. Pull out your calendar from 1985 and a pack of white out. Calendars repeat themselves every 28 years and the 2013 calendar will mirror 1985’s. Definitely a goofy suggestion but if you are cheap enough to dig out your vintage 1985 calendar then I applaud you.

3. Keep an online calendar -pretty self explanatory.

4. Print out your calendar online. If you don’t care about it being pretty or having your favorite Florida sunsets on it, just printing out a bare bones months of the year calendar online could be your best bet.

Obviously I don’t see many of you following the second piece of advice. But check out the others and save some dough on your calendar purchase this year.

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    December 29, 2012

    Go to Dollar Tree store , you’ll find them for 1$.


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